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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in construction activities guides the use of correct structural design, specifications and proper materials ensuring that the quality of workmanship by the contractor / sub-contractor is achieved and finally maintaining the structure after construction is complete through periodic assessments for maintenance and repairs. We at HNGC Builders and Developers are committed to design and construct eco-friendly properties with an objective to exceed in customer satisfaction.

We believe in continual improvements of our processes, products and our people. We follow stringent quality control norms to assure the safety of your precious life. By using the best quality material available. By appointing highly qualified and professional site engineers and supervisors.

We shall strive for innovative concepts in our projects by adopting latest technology, knowledge and skills. Whether you choose an apartment or some commercial property with HNGC Builders and Developers, rest assured in the knowledge that you chosen the best in the construction business.

We shall ensure compliance to statutory, regulatory and legal requirements relevant to construction industry. We shall strive to prevent environmental pollution, depletion of natural resources, prevent injury and occupational related illness to our people by adopting appropriate safety measures with training and using latest technology.

NRI Section

Before you make investments, you must have basic knowledge regarding investment in India. Here are a few answers to some fundamental questions that you might have in your mind. Keep it handy for reference.